Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~

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There is also formally licensed balloons, partyware, decorations, birthday cake ideas and materials, custom birthday shirts, boutique clothing, and party games. Decorations and custom centerpieces may also be available for your favourite Mickey and Pals characters. At the most fundamental, you won't go wrong with knee length or longer skirts for women and suits or dress shirts and trousers for men.

So for the menswear shirts when I've selected to use a Stretch-Woven, I choose to use french seams. I still need to finish more custom-drafted tops for customers before I could indulge in any private sewing...and the first private stitching I'll do before I evaluate yet another shirt pattern, will be making a number of outfits for my Grandnieces. I contemplated pinning it on my wall as a reminder to never again buy cheap shirting cloth from that extremely enormous on-line fabric matter how fine it looks. This amazingly easy Collar Point technique is used by many Custom Shirtmakers all around the world.